ColiCare Marketing Theme

At SmartPak, for each big marketing effort we plan ahead with a campaign. We start with concepts, color schemes, design elements, and a plan for a photoshoot. The end result is a style guide for the entire Creative, Merchandise, and Marketing team to use for collateral requests during the campaign. We plan for print, digital, web, and social platforms. Here you can see a paired down style guide that I co-art directed and saw through completion.

ColiCareTM is a colic surgery reimbursement program offered by SmartPak Equine. In 2019 SmartPak decided to up their coverage from $7,500 up to an incredible $10,000 for their customers. This was a big deal for SmartPak and their customers, so we created a new Marketing campain to get the word out. I was really thrilled with how we designed this campaign, art directed/planned a photoshoot for the collateral, and brought this to life in 6 short weeks. 
Work owned by SmartPak Equine
Co-created with Samantha Cuozzo
Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles